Monday, 14 October 2013


Task Description

The task description asked me to create a personal website that will show all the relevant media relevant for the school (a personal dashboard)

In this project,, I was supposed to make a personal website where I had to collect all relevant links to sites related to the school (ZIBAT). So, I was needed to create;
  1. front page (dashboard) where there should have been links to the school mail  schedule,, a semesters Facebook group. Lyinda and Codecademy. This front page 
  2. a minimum one sub page, where the links to personal favorite sites are collected.
Product Processsing and Documentation
As the final picture of my website show, I managed to create both a front and sup pages with all the links. It was not an easy task in the beginning. Since all the coding world is very new and I missed three lectures at the first week (I was in Czech Republic), I had a very hard 1st project week which was hardly for me to meet the deadline.

In this project, I decided to use icons alone, despite that they are not the best ^-^. I used the Photoshop (PSD) files to create the icons and HTML5 for coding. I also validated my coding with I as well decided to go with warm colors like yellow to cheer up and attract the page viewers and the black color as the background color for my sub page was meant to make the page stand out and not to destruct the viewers.